Frequently asked questions

What are my chance of securing a Business Analyst Job in Australia.

Business Analysis is one of the highest growing occupations, with 14% growth projected between 2014-2024 *Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 16% average increase in salary for certified Business Analysis professionals *Source: The in Australia reveals that the number of Business Analysts is expected to grow strongly over the next 5 years from 23,800 in 2018 to 26,100 by 2023. Job openings can come from new jobs being created, but most come from turnover (workers leaving). There are likely to be around 12,000 job openings over 5 years (that's about 2,400 a year).

The probability of securing a job is high - According to LinkedIn over 700 Business Analysts job are advertised worldwide in a week and similarly job search website in Australia, an average of (1500) Business Analyst profession jobs are advertised in the market each month. The employment in this area is growing and expected to grow significantly in the next 5 years, faster than the average for all other occupations. With job prospects looking bright for Business Analyst both in software development and business background. If you upgrade yourself with the right tool like taking Professional development course which is BABOKv3 compliant and recognised worldwide then you are putting yourself in the frontline.

Why should someone take up this short course?

This short course(s) will teach you the work-related skills in System Implementation & Design space that you will be able to apply and share best practices in the organizations you are currently employed or going to be employed in near future.

a) This course is endorsed by IIBA® International Institute of Business Analysis™.

b) The elements of BABOK® Guide v3 will be explained with practical scenarios.

You will be able to:

a) Learn specialized skills related to your profession.

b) Boost your CV with new training.

c) Keep up to date with new developments in the ‘Business Analyst’ world.

Studying this course will give you positive advantages in your career, and will help you to get ahead. Actively studying is a great way to set yourself apart from the other employees and job seekers. Employers take notice of those who go the extra mile to improve themselves. They usually regard such individuals as an asset to their businesses. Being able to tell your employer, or prospective employer during an interview, that you are currently working and studying will show that you have the drive and potential and that you are a hardworking and ambitious person.

Do you have an ambition this year:-

a) to learn something new

b) to get a career advancement

c) to get better education quicker

d) to earn more money

e) to grab the opportunities

What is this IIBA® Endorsed Course(s), what’s the benefit?

International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is an independent non-profit professional association serving the growing field of business analysis. For individuals working in a broad range of roles – business analysis, systems analysis, requirements analysis or management, project management, consulting, process improvement and more – IIBA® can help you do your job better and enhance your professional life.

All these courses are IIBA® Endorsed Course offering Professional Development Unit towards the eligibility requirements of professional Development category for the below certifications.

a) ECBA™ = Entry Certificate in Business Analyst™

b) CCBA™ = Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis™

c) CBAP™ = Certified Business Analysis Professional™

If an Individual takes up this IIBA® Endorsed Course(s) then some of the benefits would be:-

a) Competence in the principles and practices of business analysis.

b) Participation in a recognized professional group.

c) Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management.

d) Personal satisfaction of accomplishing a milestone in their BA careers.

If an organization practices a standard where Business Analyst professional need to have some sort of IIBA® Endorsed Course(s) or certification then some of the benefits would be:-

a) Provides professional development, advancement and recognition opportunities for staff.

b) Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff, and investors that you use industry-standard business analysis practices.

a) Demonstrates to your stakeholders that your business is run effectively.

b) The regular assessment process will improve staff responsibility, commitment, and motivation.

c) Establishment and implementation of business analysis practices as outlined in the Business Analysis Body of

Knowledge® (BABOK®) Guide v3 by individuals recognized as being knowledgeable and skilled.

a) More reliable, higher quality results produced with increased efficiency and consistency by BA professionals who use industry standard BA techniques.

b) Identification of professional business analysts to clients and business partners.

c) Demonstrated commitment to the field of business analysis, increasingly recognized as a vital component of any successful project.

Job finding Analysis

a) Business Analysis jobs in '' have an average of 60 job specification per month advertised which require applicants to meet IIBA/BABOK compliance requirement.

How long will this short course run?

The course(s) are designed to cover the Professional Development Hours (PDU) and Continuing Development Unit (CDU), therefore, the course duration are as follows:

Online E-Learning - you will get maximum 180 days online access to complete the course. Most convenient method of learning.

Where will this short course take place?

All courses are ONLINE Self-paced. Once your payment has been varified then you will get access to the online course library for the course your enrolled. You will have the provision to download the course materials and study at your own pace. The timeframe to complete the course is 180days (6months).

Is the fee I am paying for this short course worthwhile?

When compared with other competitors the IIBA Endorsed Course(s) offered by us is very competitive. Suggest you shop around and analyze the course fees and then compare. You will not get this price anywhere considering the free inclusions these courses will offer. This course(s) if taken online then you pay less than 50% compared to other providers in the market.

Remember all Course(s) are Endorsed by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and the Certificate of Completion issued by us will have the IIBA endorsed badge.

Why should I take this course when there are lots of cheaper online courses and even some are free?

There is no such course(s) as free in this world. It’s just a marketing phrase to lure people into courses which are not industry standard designed and are primarily incomplete. It is always good to do a bit of detail research and find out about the short courses that will lead you to right career path. View the IIBA video in Home Page of this web site to understand Business Analyst Career path. All these courses are a pathway to IIBA® Professional Certification. For more information visit web page:

What qualifications will I receive when I have completed this short course, what type of certification will be issued?

You will receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ in each of the course(s) offered and BABOK v3 topics will be incorporated in the certificate. The certificate will have an Endorsed logo of IIBA®.

What are the minimum requirements for this short course?

The minimum requirement for students are as follows:-

a) You are about to complete an undergraduate degree in Technology or Business discipline or

b) You have some professional experience in Banking or Insurance or any other field of

c) You have Diploma level qualification and few year professional experience or

d) You are a skilled migrant and want to upgrade or

e) You would like a career change and try something different.

Will I get a job after taking this course?

This course will surely boost your chance of securing one, whilst there are several elements of securing a job apart from your qualification: -

a) You need to have the right tools and confidence - this course will provide you.

b) You need to stand out on your resume - the course facilitator will be able to assist you with this.

c) You need to do well in the interview – the course facilitator can assist you with this.

d) You need to have good reference – course facilitator can provide workshop involvement reference.

e) You need to have a referral to recruitment agency – your resume can be referred to networks.

Who will provide the formal training for this IIBA® Endorsed Course?

The training materials has been developed to industry standards and been validated by IIBA®. The author Mr. Navin Lal has over 30 years of professional industry experience including in Software Development, Business and Leadership Management. The author is also an Endorsed IIBA® and Certified Training Provider™.

Is this course recognized worldwide?

Yes, this course has an IIBA® Endorsement, therefore, you can apply these Business Analysis principles anywhere in the world. The International Institute of Business Analysis™ (IIBA®) is a globally recognized institution.

What help can Business Systems Analysis & Design Solutions® provide directly to students?

Business Systems Analysis & Design Solutions® will assist student on issues related to:-

a) Career advice and good resume building techniques

b) Interview tips – situational questions

c) Referrals to Networks

d) Requirement guideline to prepare ECBA – Entry Certificate in Business Analysis

e) Requirement guideline to prepare CCBA – Certificate of Capability in Business Analysis

f) Requirement guideline to prepare CBAP – Certified Business Analysis Professional

g) Requirement guideline to prepare AAC - AGILE Analysis Certification

Is this business registered and how can I verify?

The Business Systems Analysis & Design Solutions® is a registered business and anyone can verify by navigating to the below web page: -

You can verify the IIBA Endorsed Provider by navigating to the below IIBA web page:-

Will I get a refund if I do not complete this short course?

Refund Policy Refund requests with exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis and based on below guidelines:- ‘Certificate of Completion’ certificate endorsed by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) will not be issued in this instance. If the student(s) has NOT been granted course material access or within 24 hours of making online payment whichever comes first than 100% of online course fee will be refunded. No refunds will be granted once the student(s) have been granted access to the online course materials.

Can I pay the fees on Instalment Terms?

Sorry No, this business does not operate on credit terms.

What is your recommendation - If you had to choose between Online E-Learning and Classroom Training delivery method?

If I had to do this course then I would opt for Online E-Learning method to Enroll. It will be easier for me to manage my time and complete the course without any issues. From the cost/fee side it’s also cheaper. But everyone is different and will have different opinion so it’s always good to decide what’s best for you.

What will I get after completing the Course?

You will be issued with a 'Certificate of Completion' highlighting the topics your covered. This will give clear visibility to the employers about you. PLUS Get Rewarded with = Gold - Silver - Bronze Achievement Medal

The Course Assessment - How easy is to achieve Gold, Silver or Bronze Award?

Records indicates 95% of the students are currently achieving 'High Distinction', whilst getting Gold Award Achievement Medal.