Business Analysis for Beginners  AUD$250.00.

Fundamentals of Business Analysis   AUD$350.00.

Business Analysis Practices   AUD$400.00.

Mastering Business Analysis Practices   AUD$500.00.

Agile Business Analysis   AUD$485.00.

Scrum Master   AUD$490.00.

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STEP – 1 = Make Payment for the course you are enrolling through any of the below method:-

  • Option - A = Click on the ‘CLICK HERE to Pay Now’ Button to make payment using STRIPE gateway.

  • Option - B = Click on the ‘Buy Now’ Button to make payment using PayPal account.

STEP – 2 = Once payment is successful you will receive the Permission (PASSWORD) to access the course materials.  


STEP – 3 = Permission (PASSWORD) will be granted once payment status has been verified. An email will be sent to you granting login access to the ‘Online Course Materials’ Library Page you have enrolled. 

STEP – 4 = You will then be able to download the course material from the library page, the assignments, and the multiple-choice questions.

STEP – 5 = You are required to submit the coursework via email as an attachment for marking to

STEP – 6 = If you achieved pass mark over 50% then you will be issued with IIBA® Endorsed™ ‘Certificate of Completion’. 

STEP – 7 = If you have not been able to pass the coursework then you will be required to redo the exam or assignment within the 180days specified time frame free of cost.

Note: Students arranging payments through their employer please request a payment invoice.  

Refund Policy

Refund requests with exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis and based on below guidelines:-

  1. ‘Certificate of Completion’ certificate endorsed by International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®) will not be issued in this instance.

  2. If the student(s) has NOT been granted course material access or within 24 hours of making online payment whichever comes first than 100% of online course fee will be refunded.

  3. No refunds will be granted once the student(s) have been granted access to the online course materials. 


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