Priya Sharma - dated 08/10/2017

Very good learning business analyst course. I found this course to be of good quality and easy to understand.

Kamal Jain - dated 31/03/2017

A very good course and I would recommend this course to anyone who wishes to upgrade their Business Analysis skills.

Santosh Kumar - dated 04/04/2017

I absolutely loved this course and everything that came out of this course is worth applying in the real world. So Thank You.

Lakshmi Nagaraja - dated 06/04/2017

Thanks for all the help and support during the course. I am very glad to have chosen Business System Analysis and Design Solutions as my IIBA Endorsed Education Provider. Also, I would definitely recommend this course to others.

Chris Zhuang - dated 10/04/2017

I am finding this course quite good and would recommend this IIBA Endorsed Course to others. A very trustworthy person, who communicated and made my work easy to understand. So Thank You.

Yuan Xia - dated 18/04/2017

A very good course for business analyst professionals who want to work in the project domain. The assignments were very useful as I can apply them to my daily work. Overall very good, Thank You.

Rupinder Kaur - dated 25/04/2017

I took this course as a professional development towards my CBAP certification. I found this course very detail and really useful. I will definitely recommend this IIBA Endorsed Course to others.

Angela Levy - dated 02/05/2017

The knowledge and skills I have gained from this course will empower me to help others in my organisation. I am very excited with what I can do. I have many ideas now that I can share and implement which will be useful to my organisation. Good Course and I will definitely recommend it to others.

David Shen - dated 11/05/2017

During my study period, I found this course to be the best for me. I am happy to recommend this course to anyone who is planning to make a future in the Business Analyst world. This IIBA Endorsed Course will sure lead me towards achieving my ambition.

Jaipreet Kaur - dated 14/05/2017

I feel this IIBA Endorsed Course offered me the best opportunity for the development of my skills in the Software Implementation Space. I will definitely recommend this course to others. The instructor was also very helpful.

Patrick Chan - dated 16/05/2017

With the help of this course, I have substantially improved my understanding of Business Analyst application in the real world. The course assignments were simply an example of real-world kind scenarios. Very good course and reliable course instructor.

Nithya Sundaram - dated 22/05/2017

I liked this course very much. This course is well presented and very good value for money. The instructor has been helpful. I can now understand the business analyst side of concepts which will definitely make my work much easier. I would definitely recommend this IIBA Endorsed Course to others.

Dennis Chu - dated 29/05/2017

I knew I needed business analysis training but didn’t know where to start. I did a huge amount of research and found that the caliber, variety, and delivery of the 'Business Systems Analysis & Design Solutions' courses far exceeded any of the local institutions. I will definitely recommend these courses to others.

Deepika Kumari - dated 02/06/2017

Shortly after completing the course 'Business Analysis Practices', I was offered a position as a Business Analyst, where my business analysis skills are put to use on a daily basis. The knowledge I gained has helped me in my current role, working on a project right now and planning to do the certification at a later stage.

Charlene Fernandez - dated 15/06/2017

I was looking more and more towards Business Analysis Certification and how to work on a business analysis world primarily on projects. I knew some of the basics, but I thought some formal training in the area would greatly benefit me. When I did this course 'Business Analysis Practices, I was a Subject Matter Expert (SME) and I'm now the Business Analyst working on a Project. A good BABOK v3 training course.

Sandeep Singh - dated 19/06/2017

Really a very good and highly enjoyable course. Trainer was excellent, combining theory and examples from the field and extracting the valid points from the different contributions from the group. Huge breadth of knowledge and the ability to tie the different ends together. IIBA Endorsed and BABOK v3 course, I will surely recommend this course to others.

Krishna Chandra - dated 29/06/2017

The Business Analysis Practices online course is very good value for money and much earlier to understand. I would definitely recommend this IIBA Endorsed Course to others.

Vijay Kumaran - dated 16/07/2017

I took the Mastering Business Analysis Practices online and found to be interesting course specially the assignments. Good IIBA Endorsed Course offering PDU of 35hrs towards the CBAP certification program.

Patrick Wong - dated 27/07/2017

A very good course and I am looking foward to start my career as a business analyst in Melbourne. I will definately recommend this course to anyone who wishes to upgrade their Business Analysis skills.

Qui Phan - dated 18/11/2017

Overall I found the course very useful specially the assignments were relevant to real world like scenarios and it will be helpful to my learning.

Matthew Thomson - dated 30/01/2018

I well understand the value and usefulness of the subject matter covered by this course.
The materials were not very long and neither small so very good learning course.

Phylis Chan - dated 05/02/2018

I was able to download the material and study whenever I wanted and not have to worry about frantically take down notes and worry about not getting everything. Everything is online so if you misplace your downloads, you can download it again. Very good course.

Raymond Tolinero - Griffith University - dated 06/03/2018

The outline is very concise and organise. Easy to understand and you can easily adapt it in real work. Highly recommended.

Melissa Lightfoot, Business Development Coordinator, ERGT Australia - dated 17/08/2018

I was offered to complete a series of courses by my Employer, as within my role I currently report on and analyse a lot of data. I first completed the Beginners guide to Business Analysis course which I found easy to follow and gave me a great knowledge base. I could recognise a lot of the practices my Employer currently has in place and could relate them to live work scenarios applicable to my job at the time. It has given me overall knowledge and I have now picked up on some areas within our business that need better systems and processes. As part of the course we were given templates and guides which I have saved to look back on when required to apply to my current position.

Xinyu Feng - 28/08/2018

This course gives me a insight of the Business Analysis and its components. It also helps me prepare my ECBA exams and the teacher Navin Lal is a profound mentor. Wish all the best to the course and hope more people can benefit from it.

Genni Palmato - 01/08/2018

Fantastic! Thank you very much for providing the stepping stone to preparation for the CCBA.

Rajiv Rajaram - dated 13/11/2018

As a beginner to Business Analysis, I was looking for an on line certification course through which I can gain strong academic knowledge and this course really satisfied the purpose. All the concepts of Agile Business Analysis are clearly explained with pros & Cons. I could complete my certification in short duration. I highly recommend this course. Response from Naveen has been quick always.

Sze Ki Ng - dated 06/12/2018

It is an effective way to learn the course when I have study and work at the same time. This platform has provide me a flexible timetable which has reduced my workload. And the notes this course provided is detail and comprehensive which helped me a lot. Overall, it is a good experience of learning with Business Systems Analysis & Design Solution.

Laszlo Dobiasz - dated 07/01/2019

The course and the provided material was great and helpful. As a beginner to Business Analysis, the case studies and the templates are very practical and helped me a lot to understand and learn the tasks expected form a Business Analyst. Navin was helpful and responsive. Thank you.

Kerrie Senyk - Project Manager dated 23/01/2019

I found the course easy to follow and straightforward. The assignments enable practical application of the concepts, and the exam provides a good review of key points.

Michael Magrin - dated 21/02/2019

Being new to the field of Business Analysis I found 'Business Analysis Practices' to be very informative and the content easy for beginners to understand. The training material is great and the additional reading material is very beneficial. Excellent value for money with a wide range of relevant assignments to complete. Would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Hassan Saeed Ahmad dated 21/02/2019

I came across the "Agile Business Analysis" on IIBA site while searching for an online, economical, objective and a self-paced course which could also provide 35 PD hours for CBAP. My confidence further strengthened after a series of email exchanges with Navin whom I found most helpful and eager to answer all of my queries. The course itself exceeded my expectations with an easy-to-digest and insightful training booklet. Challenging exam and assignments test you deeply while providing much-needed reality checks on your certification journey. Also, the bonus materials and templates are profound additions to my toolkit and library. Kudos to Navin and his team for putting all this together. Thank you.

Magalie Nicolas - dated 01/03/2019

The Agile Business Analyst course gave me solid foundations and knowledge to enhance my skills. The materials are clear and organised that makes easy to understand. It helps me also to prepare for IIBA CBAP Certification. Thanks to Navin for his help and responsive answers.

John Tanner - dated 09/08/2019

I enjoyed the flexibility of the online Mastering Business Analysis course as I was able to study whilst working full time in my job as a Senior Business Analyst. The coursework provided is easy to understand and had a good choice of assignments to select from. Thanks Navin.

Tamara Jaber - dated 01/03/2020

I liked the combination of theoretical material and practical assignments. I was able to claim the hours PDU/CDU not just for my CBAP recertification, but also toward my PMI-PBA and PMP certifications.